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How to Write a Business Plan

Written by Camilla Evaline

There has been a lot of debate recently about whether or not new businesses need a business plan.  The new line of thinking is that its better to spend your time out talking to clients and tweaking your product to their liking, rather than writing a comprehensive business plan that is likely to be torn apart during your first client meeting.  Regardless of where you stand in that debate, in our opinion its a good idea to at least write a short business plan.  This way you will have a general outline of  what you need to accomplish that you can use to hold hold yourself and others accountable.

Here is a list of resources showing exactly how to write a business plan.  If you come across other resources that should be included, or have any other comments/questions please let us know in the comments section below.

Entrepreneur: Business Plan Guide – Comprehensive resource covering all aspects of a business plan with examples and sample business plans.

MyOwnBusiness: How to write a business plan course – A free online course covering all the aspects of writing a business plan with examples.

SBA: The Sections that Should be Included – with articles explaining what goes into each section.

Sequoia Capital: A simple business plan outline – from one of the top venture capitalists.

VA.Gov: Writing a business plan – some good worksheets to help work out costs etc.

HowToWriteABusinessPlan: Templates for financial forecasting – and a lot of other cool stuff.

Enloop: Free Business Plan Creator – walks you through the process step by step and then spits out your plan at the end.

Growthink: 20 Reasons why you need a business plan

WSJ: Why You Might Not Need a Business Plan Led by entrepreneur and professor Steve Blank there are those that argue that in today’s internet world a business plan can actually do more harm than good.

HBS: Great list of business plan links – From Harvard Business School.

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