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Business Names – How to Name Your Business

Written by Camilla Evaline

You’ve come up with the best business to start for you and are ready to start coming up with business names. Naming a business makes starting a business more real and less abstract. The process of naming a business is exciting, creative, and fun. However, there is much more to naming a business then finding a name that sounds good.

Picking the wrong name for a business or product can be harmful to your ability to market the business. Even big companies make mistakes. Infamously, Chevrolet made the mistake of marketing a car called “Nova” in Spanish speaking countries. “No Va” translates from Spanish to english as “No Go”. Sales in Latin American markets for Nova did not go anywhere.

In the broadest sense, when coming up with a list of potential business names you want to take into account the following:

1) Is the name easy to remember?

2) Is the name easy to spell?

3) Will potential clients confuse your company’s name with the names of competitors?

4) What are possible connotations or meanings of the name?

5) Will you be able to obtain domain name based on your business name?

6) Will the name help you get visitors from search engines?

7) Has anyone else trademarked the name or will you be able to trademark the name?

The answers to these questions will help you figure out if you have a good name. We put together a list of resources below which will help you brainstorm potential name, give you a plan for logically tackling these questions about a potential business name, and help you with  information about the legal issues.

If you come across another article that should be included or have any other comments/questions please let us know in the comments section below.

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