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Business Networking – How to Meet The Right People

Written by Camilla Evaline

Business networking is vital to successful entrepreneurs. Through networking you can find new clients, new business partners, new hires, and even investors. However, the results of networking are rarely immediate which makes putting aside the time to network very difficult.

Successful business networking has three major components:

  1. Putting yourself in a position to talk or interact with people than can help your business.
  2. Approaching people and selling your personal and company brand and
  3. Following up to establish trust.  This is perhaps the most important. Approaching someone when “need” something is very difficult. However, if they already know who you are and are comfortable with you, the probability of getting what you “need” from them sharply increases.

The following list of articles provides help on where to network, how to network and why to network. If you see a good article on the subject, please let us know in the comments section.

Inc: How To Network Effectively You already have a network. This article points out that best place to start is with the people that you already know.

The Undercover Recruiter: Why Employee Referrals Are The Best Source Of HireSurprisingly, the number one source of finding employees is through your existing employees.

Rightmix marketing: Creating A Referral Network TO Generate More Leads Once you have a connection in a related business how do you turn it into an asset for your business. To receive, you must be willing to give.

Business Pundit: 25 Best Places To Network Adding connections is about meeting new people and communicating with them. Here are 25 ideas for meeting people in person to expand your network.

Docie Invention & Patent Marketing; Why should I attend a trade show? An exceptional place to network and gather information is industry tradeshows. They can give you access to high-level industry people and fellow business owners. Best of all, people are there to network.

Chameleon Resumes: How To Follow Up After A Networking Event You have successfully made the initial contact. How do you turn a one-time encounter into a meaningful contact.

Mashable: The Beginner’s Guide To Linkedin By far and away, LinkedIn is the number one place for white collar professionals to network. Here is what you need to get started. Finding A Buiness Mentor There are a number of places that offer free one-on-one mentorship programs with experienced business people in your field.

Networking Ahead For Business: Networking how-to: collaborate with your competitors Not talking with your competitors is a big mistake. They can be a major source of information and a source of new business.

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